Tap into your true potential.


Develop better, deeper, and transformational relationships with people. Dig deep in your faith. Build your confidence. Grow your courage. Begin leading in your family, workplace, and community.

The Courageous Life YOUniversity was created to serve as a powerful digital school to deliver practical action steps, transformational wisdom, and insightful inspiration all in order to help your become the best version of yourself.

We know–we’ve all been there. You may have bought a book or eCourse with every intention of reading it or going through it. This community of people also serves as a powerful accountability tool. Think of successful organizations like WeightWatchers. It’s a community of people committed to helping each other achieve their weight loss goals. Similarly, the Courageous Life YOUniversity not only includes powerful educational content but also has a community forum that you can chat with others. Share your struggles, share your achievements. We are in this together. 

With the Courageous Life YOUniversity subscription, you will enjoy the following: 

  • Exclusive coaching lessons on 
    • Relationships
    • Leadership
    • Responding to World Events
    • Faith
    • Success
    • and more!
  • Digital worksheets and goal-setting guides
  • Interactive monthly live streams with Michael Anthony and guests

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