The best speaker/trainer to help your people

take the lid off their lives — and change the world.

The best speaker/trainer to help your people

take the lid off their lives — and change the world.

"One of the top speakers in the country."

— Dr. Keith Krell



— Conferences/conventions

— Entrepreneur gatherings

— Corporate/business events

— Men's stadium/large events

— Marriage and couples events

— Churches and non-profits

Mike Anthony is an award-winning speaker, author, and "recovering" pastor — a mindset, motivation, and courage expert. He survived multiple brushes with death, a battle with cancer, and several kidnapping/luring attempts as a child. He's the author of A Call For Courage: Living With Power, Truth, And Love In An Age Of Intolerance and Fear (Thomas Nelson Publishers), and creator of the mindset-makeover course, Unstuck And Unstoppable In 30 Days.

Mike, or his works, have been featured in major publications and news outlets, including the New York Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Charisma, Townhall.com, The Christian Post, and more. He is the Founder and CEO of Courage Matters, LLC, and host of the Courageous Nation Podcast (on iTunes and Spotify).

In addition, Mike is the CEO of Courage Matters, LLC, with accomplishments that include leading an organization with dozens of employees and a $1.3 million annual budget, extensive travel, and speaking to thousands of people around the world.

He's spoken at events around the world for Amway, Primerica, Mount Hermon Conference Center, Moody Bible Institute, Iron Sharpens Iron, and many, many more!




Mike approaches each engagement as if it were his last, showing audience members how to immediately change their lives and expand their influence.

Mike does not deliver canned messages. He will listen carefully, to understand your needs, interests, and desires — so the outcome is UNFORGETTABLY SPECTACULAR.

His keynotes, training, and coaching will help your people . . .

  • IGNITE THEIR LIVES — Mike's talks are uniquely holistic, drawing from the latest and best research on how our minds and bodies work, for instant, sustained transformation.

  • STOP LIMITING THEMSELVES — Mike will show your people exactly how to remove the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that have been stifling their potential.

  • CULTIVATE COURAGE — A great deal of success or failure in life can be traced back to the presence or absence of courage. Mike will show your people exactly how to develop and sustain courage as their new way of life.

THE RESULT: The end of your event will be a new beginning for your people and your organization. Isn't that what you really want?

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