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Choose to live by FAITH not fear

In this message, Michael Anthony talks about choosing faith over fear. It's time that we think deeply about our doubts and fear. Many would say that the opposite of faith is doubt or unbelief. In actuality, it is fear. We as Christians need to evaluate what it means...

4 Ways to Live Limitless for God

In this message, Michael Anthony presents the four core ways that you can live a limitless life for God. He breaks down the acronym of "FHAS." Four steps to living limitless for God F - Focus H - Hunger A - All-out Action Plan S - Sages About This Message Michael...

How to Control Your Circumstances: Unlimited #4

In this message, Michael Anthony speaks about how you can control the circumstances in life. We have two ways we can handle circumstances. We can either be reactive or proactive. Being reactive to circumstances means we allow the "thuds" of life to happen to us and we...

Unlimited #2: Your Identity Determines Activity

There are only two limiting factors in your life. Do you know what they are? Michael Anthony explores how a clear vision of God and of who you are in relationship to Him determines how far you go and how high you soar. Take off your lid and start living an UNLIMITED...

Easter Sunday 2019

This message features four of the Pastors from Genesis Church! Pastor Joe Ercoli, Next Steps Pastor Pastor Bob Tome, Mission and Counseling Pastor Pastor Brandon Vieth, Student Ministries Pastor Pastor Michael Anthony, Lead Pastor of Genesis Church Enjoy this special...

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