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Here, are my opinion pieces (op-Eds) and interviews that speak to the issues of the day.They give me an opportunity to help people think — and positively change their lives.

Here’s my blog, where I write about relationships, leadership, and world events. If you get into the habit of lreading throughout your week, it’s my prayer that your life will positively change, significantly.

Listen to the Courage Matters Podcast

My Courage Matters Podcast covers life, leadership and world eventsI often interview experts in search of timeless lessons anyone can apply. Also, listen in to exclusive episodes where I’m being interviewed! I’d appreciate a positive rating and review, too. 

Listen to the Bible Teaching Podcast

I love teaching the Bible and helping people see how relevant it is today.  Yes, my Bible teaching is on iTunes. If you enjoy it, would you please consider providing a positive rating and review? Most of these messages were delivered at Genesis, where I serve as Lead Pastor, 

Heroes aren’t born, they’re made. Behind every struggling hero in the making is a faithful God who keeps His word. You eventually become exactly like the God or gods you serve. God’s goal is that you listen to His voice above all the other voices clamoring for your attention.

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