Introducing the Courageous Life Planner.

It’s your time to soar.

The Courageous Life Motivational Planner is unlike any other daily planner, personal organizer, appointment book, or calendar you’ve ever used.  Research shows that you shouldn’t rely on an electronic devie to think deeply, be productive, or bring balance to your life. That’s why you don’t want to use your smartphone as your primary tool for setting goals and managing your life. 

The Courageous Life Planner is paper, on purpose. It will help you plan and prioritize your time, goals, and life focus, saving you from the “human doing” trap. Combined with the Courage Matters app, you’ll have the winning combination you need to soar. Each planner includes plenty of space for personal diary notes, general notes and reminders, scheduling appointments, setting goals, and more.

Order yours for just $49.99 (USD). Just send your payment to, with your mailing address. We’ll send you your very own Courageous Life Planner!