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What the Bible Says About…Your Entirely New Life in Christ

This final message in our series is sure to help you soar! You’ll learn about the significance of Jesus’ position at the right hand of his Father — and your new position in Christ as a result. But that’s not all. You’ll also understand how your new position opens the door for your entirely new life in Christ!


What the Bible Says About…The Bible Reading YOU

The majority of life’s unnecessary hardships can almost always be traced back to a lack of rich time in God’s word, the Bible. By the time you finish listening to this message, you’ll be well on your way to embracing this truth — and inspired to make the changes in your life so that unnecessary hardships are greatly reduced. Until the Bible starts reading you, you’re not really reading the Bible. Find out what it means to “binge read” the Bible, and why Bible binge reading can positively transform your life.

What the Bible Says About…Filters

Filters often hinder us from going deeper in our relationships. Both with others around us, and in our relationship with Christ. In this message, you’ll learn how to break down the filters in your life! Special message by Pastor Brandon Vieth, Student Ministries Pastor at Grace Fellowship

What the Bible Says About…Addiction and Idols

The Bible has a lot to say about “modern” idols. As it turns out, a lot of issues Paul addresses in the New Testament are just as relevant today! Special message by Pastor Bob Tome, Missions and Counseling Pastor at Grace Fellowship.

What the Bible Says About…Withered Celery

The Bible speaks about every significant issue we can imagine. In this message, the continuation of our “what does the Bible say about ______?” series, Pastor Michael Anthony will help you think more comprehensively about your life in light of eternity. But he’ll do more than cause you to think. He’ll help you make adjustments so that your life is maximized!

What the Bible Says About…Winning

In natural battles, sports, and in almost every area of life, the person or people who surrender always lose. The exact opposite, however, is true when it comes to winning with God. This message is bound to positively change your life so that winning becomes your new normal. Share it with a friend, and start winning God’s way!

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