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The Michael Anthony Bible Teaching Podcast

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The Book of Acts #48: Meet the New Rockstar: YOU

What would happen if you took Jesus’ words in Matthew 7:24-28 seriously? You’d have the potential to be a rockstar — someone whose entire life is built on Jesus Christ and His teaching. When the storms of life come, you’ll be able to stand. This final message in Pastor Michael Anthony’s series through the entire book of Acts will help you appreciate what it looks like to live like a rockstar, so you can thrive for Jesus Christ.

The Book of Acts #47: God Can Use An Honest Person

Nearing the end of our series, The Book of Acts: How Christians Live, we look at Paul’s life in Acts 28, and see that God can use an honest person.  Stick around for a surprise guest at the end!

The Book of Acts #45: Deep Darkness Is No Match For the Light

Have a past? Do you think it’s an obstacle for God? Absolutely not! This life-changing message will inspire you to let God take care of the obstacles in your life so that you begin to soar. Let your personal revolution begin in this powerful message!

The Book of Acts #44: Master Class On How To Enjoy The Bible

In this life-igniting message, Michael Anthony teaches you how to read and enjoy the Bible so you can feed yourself on God’s word for the rest of your life. Hold onto your seat and open your heart. Your master class on how to read and apply the Bible is about to begin!

The Book of Acts #43: Don’t Fret, God Will Do It!

This message is about YOU! God’s plan for your life will prevail regardless of your circumstances, and looking at Paul’s life in the Book of Acts will help you see how God is working in your life as well!

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