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The Michael Anthony Bible Teaching Podcast

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The Book of Acts #43: Don’t Fret, God Will Do It!

This message is about YOU! God’s plan for your life will prevail regardless of your circumstances, and looking at Paul’s life in the Book of Acts will help you see how God is working in your life as well!

The Book of Acts #42: Your Great Need for Humble Courage

Have you forgotten God’s calling on your life, and how that calling is fulfilled? This message will ignite your life so that you know how to stand up and speak out in a world that is telling people of faith to sit down and shut up. It will show you how a God-empowered person lets nothing stand in his or her way when it comes to doing what is right in the sight of God.

The Book of Acts #41: Set Apart Sex- How to Get Busy With God’s Blessing

You may have heard about sexual immorality, but here’s a message about sexual morality. God created sexuality and sex. Understanding what he says about these things, and modeling your conduct accordingly, is one of the healthiest things you can do for your own life and the life of your partner or potential partner. It’s time to get busy God’s way. Here’s how people who are filled with and led by the Holy Spirit can live lives of purity — with passion!

The Book of Acts #40: Protection or Direction- Which Do You Seek?

America needs a sweeping movement of God’s spirit, and nothing less. This message will help you hunger for God’s movement in your own life, family and church as you rediscover the importance of seeking God’s direction more than you seek his protection.

The Book of Acts #39: God Can Use A Nobody – Michael Anthony Bible Teaching Podcast

Feeling discouraged and wondering if God can use YOU? You’re not alone. This message will inspire you to soar to new heights as we examine the way God used a very small man to confront people who had many goddesses and gods. How does a Spirit-led Christian confront culture when it’s running away from the living and true God? This message will prove that God can use you powerfully, and that one person really CAN make a HUGE difference.

The Book of Acts #38: Does God’s Fire Come With a Formula?

Is there a formula for receiving the Holy Spirit? Can you expect God to do through you what we see Him doing through the Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts? What does it cost to follow Jesus? This message will answer these questions, and help you make the most of your life for God.

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