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A Call For Courage 10: Live & Unscripted (Part 3)

Special Q&A Panel by all four of our Pastors at Grace Fellowship. This message wraps up ours series, A Call for Courage. Questions were texted in by the congregation and answered LIVE!

Pastor Michael Anthony Lead Pastor

Pastor Joe Ercoli Next Steps Pastor

Pastor Brandon Vieth Student Ministries Pastor

Pastor Bob Tome Missions and Counseling Pastor

A Call For Courage 9: How to Live in the New World Disorder

If you’re not bringing the Bible to bear on the specific issues of the day, you’re missing out. Is your life characterized as being an inch deep and a mile wide, or deeply rooted and immovable? This message will help you understand not only the seriousness of the times in which we live, but also how to navigate through them with tremendous success.

A Call For Courage 8: It’s Time To Be Tenacious — When Obeying Government Dishonors God

What if culture, legislation, or court decisions demand that you compromise on your God-given invitation to glorify God? Will you give in? You may have already begun to do so without realizing it. Now is the time to get back on track, and stay there — for the glory of God. Are you a tenacious Christian? If not, you don’t understand what being a Christian is really about. By examining the lives of five tenacious people — people who refused to compromise on their calling to worship and love God — you’ll learn what tenacity looks like so that you, too, can glorify and enjoy God like never before. 

A Call For Courage 7: How to Talk About Sex and Sexuality In a Sex-Crazed Society

What does the Bible actually say about healthy, appropriate sexual activity? Is there a difference between same-sex attraction and sexual activity between two people of the same sex? Does the Bible approve of same-sex marriage? These are some of the key questions that are asked and answered in this message, part of the companion series for Pastor Michael Anthony’s book, “A Call for Courage.” It’s a message you’ll not only appreciate, but will also want to share with those who want answers about sex and sexuality in modern America. 

A Call For Courage 6: It’s Time to Obey God and Fear People No More

America is in the midst of a “We must obey God rather than man” moment. It’s time for people of faith, who embrace historic Judeo-Christian values, to arise with courageous humility. This message will help you understand the significance of a recent decision by the United States Supreme Court and what it means for Bible believing people everywhere. Listen. Share. Put into action.

A Call For Courage 5: Monumental Movement Makers

Message 5 in our series, “A Call For Courage” based on the book by Pastor Michael Anthony.  Guest speaker Pastor Joe Ercoli, Next Steps Pastor at Grace Fellowship, teaches how to live out our faith, rather than simply watching from the sidelines.

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