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In an age that is often confused by what is right and wrong, up and down, left and right, it’s difficult to have courage. Right now, Courage Matters more than ever before. On the other side of complacency and fear, there is greatness that you can achieve! Our goal is to help you get there. To develop a strong marriage, to have deep roots in Christ, to speak courageously and lovingly in the workplace, your community, and home. 

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Courage Matters, LLC launched in 2017 with one mission–To equip people to live with power, truth, and love in an age of intolerance and fear. The first piece of this movement came with Michael Anthony’s debut book, A Call for Courage, published by Thomas Nelson Publishers. Michael’s book laid the groundwork for this nationwide movement of courageous humility. Since the release of the book, Courage Matters has been devoted to developing resources that will help equip individuals to immediately rise up with courage. Our mission is to help people live courageously in all areas of life. Whether that be in relationships, the workplace, or the community. We firmly believe that we can change our nation with one life at a time. It’s time to stand up and speak out. Our nation needs individuals to not only learn how to live with courageous humility but to take action!


Michael Anthony is an author, pastor, and award-winning speaker with a mission to motivate and teach people how to live with power, truth and love at the precise time when weakness, arrogance, and fear are running rampant.

Michael’s life has been filled with adversity, including multiple brushes with death, a battle with cancer, and surviving several kidnapping/luring attempts as a child. Through his speaking and writing, he uses the lessons he learned from these experiences to show audiences how to exercise what he calls “courageous humility” by overcoming adversity each and every day. He believes America is at a critical point in her history, and that nothing less than a massive uprising of courageous humility will move our lives, families, communities, and nation forward. Michael seeks to replace America’s destructive diatribes with healthy dialogue so that common sense replaces nonsense, and truth and love replace lies and hatred.


They say behind every good man is a great woman, and this is absolutely true with Michael. His wife, Janet, plays an indespensible role in his life and ministry. She homeschools their two boys and loves mentoring women on how to live maximized, God-honoring lives characterized by truth, love and joy.

Janet’s also a fantastic editor, adept in art, and speaks French and a bit of German. Humble, gentle, passionate about God and people, she’s a real class act all around.

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