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No one is born courageous, but everyone hopes courage will come. Here’s how to stand strong. 

Like many other people of faith, you may be concerned about what the future holds for Christians in America. Every day we wake up in a nation and world that is increasingly hostile to our beliefs and values. Even the basic freedoms that define America–speech and religion–are under attack. The result is that many of us have become fearful, apathetic and detached. The great need of the day is a sweeping revolution of courage in our lives, families and houses of worship. A Call for Courage will spark that revolution in you.

Michael Anthony understands how fear can paralyze us, and in this revolutionary new book he shows Christians how to stand up and speak out, mobilizing them to walk by faith, not fear. Drawing from Scripture and deep personal experience, he proves that anyone can learn the secret to putting fear in its place and becoming more courageous. A Call for Courage will help you stand up and speak out while others demand you sit down and shut up. You will learn how to

  • develop the secret weapons God has given you for courage,
  • handle haters, racists, and everyone in between,
  • overcome attacks against your freedom of religion and speech,
  • speak the truth with love when disagreements threaten to create division, and
  • develop courageous humility as your new way of life.

A Call for Courage is a handbook on how to live with courageous humility. No matter who you are or what you’re facing, A Call for Courage will help you live with power, truth, and love in an age of intolerance and fear.



Wake Up America

“A Call For Courage is exactly that! American culture has morally lost its compass and if Christians do not speak up now, America as we have known it will be gone . . .  I highly recommend this book and to join the movement to get America back on track – morally and spiritually.”

– Carol

Excellent Book! Well Written and Fast Paced!

“A real practical guide for the Christ-follower to equip you to navigate today’s difficult waters . . . “Waters” that will only get worse in the days ahead! The book uses Biblical principles with the one objective for his followers: the glorification of Jesus Christ and pointing non-believers to the Kingdom of God.”


A Must Read

“This book is challenging and encouraging and even a bit disturbing in the facts it presents. But, it doesn’t leave you where you are but gives clear actions steps whereby you can impact our nation and the world in which we live!”
– ET

Great Guide for Christian Response

“This is a book that once you start reading and understanding its message you will probably not want to put down . . . This book teaches how to stand up for Christian values while at the same time showing Christian love. Not an easy task always when our human emotions get involved, but it is the only way Jesus would have us respond.”

– Robert

This Book is Going to Change Lives

“A true “how to guide” for living with courageous humility. Michael Anthony has a way of writing that both convicts and encourages the reader . . I pray that this book brings about a movement for men, women, and children of God to #standupspeakout.”

– Nancy



“A Call for Courage is the book we have all been waiting for. It’s timely, prophetic, and yet very practical. Do you want to live with power, truth, and love in these increasingly difficult times? Then get this book and apply what you’ll learn to your life!”

– Joel Richardson, New York bestselling author, speaker and filmmaker



“In a world where millions are literally perishing for lack of knowledge, Michael Anthony’s ‘A Call For Courage’ is a practical, ‘how-to’ salt-and-light manual in the darkness, a courageous and truthful journal on revising the curse by faith with God’s agape love–a must read!”

– Alveda King, evangelist, civilrightsfortheunborn.com



“A clear and urgent call . . . about the state of our nation and world–and why now is the time to step up! This book is informative, thought-provoking, and will help you banish fear, replace it with courage, and engage”

– Gary Frazier, founder and president, Discovery Missions International



“Here is the missing piece if you struggle to live for the Savior. Want to step up your game? Read ‘A Call For Courage’ . . . From his teaching and exhortation, he motivates us to enter the conversations happening around us and represent Christ with thoughtful, effective interchange. Be ready to be uplifted. I highly recommend it.”

– Bruce W. Fong, PhD, Dean, Dallas Theological Seminary




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