In this message, Michael Anthony presents the four core ways that you can live a limitless life for God. He breaks down the acronym of “FHAS.”

Four steps to living limitless for God

F – Focus
H – Hunger
A – All-out Action Plan
S – Sages

About This Message

Michael focuses on the limitless life of the Apostle Paul and how he continued to live for God even while being imprisoned. Paul understood that his life was not based on his circumstances. He spent every day while on house arrest serving and worshiping God. We as Christians need to remain faithful to God even in the midst of our circumstances. Even in the trials, we can continue to live and serve Christ. Be bold to speak the truth in love. We have a fantastic opportunity to be BOLD and to share the great news of Christ. You need the be PASSIONATE about serving God and sharing the Gospel. Don’t get caught up in the worldly desires but live to serve a limitless life for God.

All throughout Scripture, we see that the Apostle Paul is focused on his ministry of sharing and spreading the Gospel. He was HUNGRY to serve and devoted his life to sharing the good news. He also had an ALL OUT ACTION PLAN. His entire life was focused on the Gospel. He was always in action even when he was in negative circumstances. He also looked up to Jesus as a sage. Jesus was the core of the Apostle Paul’s life.

Get involved. Begin standing up and speaking out for Jesus. Develop your focus, hunger, action plan, and surround yourself with sages. You absolutely can be used by God powerfully. Regardless of what your circumstances are you can live a life that glorifies and honors him.

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