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What the Bible Says About…Winning

In natural battles, sports, and in almost every area of life, the person or people who surrender always lose. The exact opposite, however, is true when it comes to winning with God. This message is bound to positively change your life so that winning becomes your new normal. Share it with a friend, and start winning God’s way!

Radio: Michael Anthony as Interviewed By Trevor Carey

Radio: Michael Anthony as Interviewed By Trevor Carey

Michael Anthony as Interviewed By Trevor Carey (PowerTalk Fresno 96.7) – July 03, 2018

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Michael Anthony was featured on PowerTalk Fresno 96.7 / AM1400 where he was interviewed by Trevor Carey. Listen in as Mike speaks into the SCOTUS decision to allow lower courts to ban prayer in the public square. This is a great example of our American Freedoms being attacked. We as Christians must stand up and speak out with humble courage when topics like these arise. Trevor also talks about Mike’s new book, A Call for Courageand how it has been impacting the way we are living as Christians.

Don’t Confuse Fame for a Life Without Blame – Michael Anthony’s Courage Matters Blog

Don’t Confuse Fame for a Life Without Blame – Michael Anthony’s Courage Matters Blog

On it or not, social media has forever changed the world. It’s tempting each of us to pursue fame. The temptation is so strong that nothing short of constant vigilance will keep you from going astray and believing a big-time lie. The lie is that fame is life’s greatest pursuit. The great aim of the Holy Spirit is not your fame. It is to help you live a life without blame — whether or not fame is part of your life story.

Another word for fame is popularity. Has it become — even subtly — a preoccupation for you? If so, it may be time to kick the popularity pursuit in the backside. There is something in the fallen human psyche that seeks popularity, but God has a remedy for it. If your ambition is to please God, the popularity pursuit will be put in its place. You cannot simultanously seek to honor God and yourself. By very nature of the battle, one must give way to the other.

In Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, he lays out the purpose of your life:

“May he (Jesus Christ) strengthen you hearts so that you will be blameless and holy in the presence of our God and Father when our Lord Jesus comes with all his holy ones.”

God’s goal for you is to live a blameless life that is set apart for the fame of Jesus, not yourself. Pursing something else is like feasting on cotton candy when filet mignon is on the menu. Committing yourself toward a life centered on Jesus and his agenda will lead you down the road to eternal success. Going down any other road will be an epic blunder you can’t afford to make.

Jesus is coming back with his “holy ones” (angels). That return will be literal, visible, and inescapable. Are you centering your entire life on this reality? If not, now is a good time to realign yourself with God — and life’s greatest pursuit. 

God wants to strengthen your heart so that you live for him, not yourself (or anyone else, for that matter). To be “holy” is to be set apart for God and everything he wants to accomplish in your life and the world. 

Have you mistaken a life of fame for a life without blame?


Podcast: Michael Anthony Interview By Lucas Miles

Podcast: Michael Anthony Interview By Lucas Miles

“How to be Courageous in a Hostile & Intolerant World” — Listen to Lucas Miles’ interview of Michael Anthony, author of A Call for Courage

Lucas Miles Podcast Write-Up: Michael Anthony is a popular speaker and blogger on CourageMatters.com. He is the founder and president of Michael Anthony Ministries®, and is the lead pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in York, Pennsylvania. Michael and his writings have been featured in major publications and news outlets, such as the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, FoxNews.com, CNN, ABC, CBS and Christian Post. In today’s episode, Michael talks about how he survived multiple kidnapping attempts as a child, a spontaneous public debate with a Muslim man in Hyde Park, London, and what America’s future might look like if Christians remain silent. He also talks about his latest book, A Call For Courage, which provides a battle plan for Christians on how to be courageous in an increasingly hostile and intolerant world.


What the Bible Says About…How to Share Your Faith

“What the Bible Says About”

In this special message tag-teamed by Pastor Joe Ercoli (Next Steps Pastor at Grace Fellowship) and Shannon Lewis (Groups Director at Grace Fellowship), we learn What the Bible Says About Sharing Your Faith. With dynamic stories, practical ways to grow, and how to genuinely share your faith with others, Pastor Joe and Shannon will equip you with the knowledge to take your faith to the next level!

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