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The Book of Acts: How Christians Live
The Michael Anthony Bible Teaching Podcast

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The Book of Acts #4: This Comes Before Power

We often want the power of God unleashed in our lives – but what needs to take place before that power flows? This fourth message in the Book of Acts explores how you, your family, and your church can experience the power of God consistently. Share it with your friends, so God’s power can move!

The Book of Acts #3: Why Did Jesus Fly?

Message 3 in our series through the entire Book of Acts. What would you do if you saw someone flying – without the aid of an airplane? And, what might be the significance of their defying gravity through that amazing feat? Understand the significance of Jesus flying in the air on His ascension – and how this should affect how you live right here, right now.

The Book of Acts #2: Becoming A Crosswalker

Join Michael Anthony in message 2 through the entire Book of Acts, How Christians Live. Here, we dive into Acts chapter one, verses six through eight, and explore what Jesus meant when He told the disciples they would receive “power” when filled with the Holy Spirit. Following Jesus is all about becoming a crosswalker, and this message will show you how to become one.

The Book of Acts #1: Exceptions or Examples?

Is the Bible a book of exceptions or examples? Is its primary purpose to record history, or help Christ-followers write history? This message, the first in our series through the entire Book of Acts, will change your life. In the process, you’ll begin changing the world. Here, we cover Acts 1:1-5. Buckle up. You’re about to go for a life-igniting ride!

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