World events have our heads spinning these days, don’t you think? Many of the books written about the end times simply regurgitate the same theories over and over again. In fact, I think they may have done this so consistently that we’ve become numb to what the Bible may be screaming to us – for such a time as this. If you’re looking for a fresh look at the end times, check out my friend Joel Richardson’s “The Islamic Antichrist.” If your experience is anything like mine, you won’t be able to put it down.



The Bible says that in the last days a world leader will deceive the overwhelming majority of people and trick them into a false, temporary peace. He will force them to bow down and worship a false god, and require them to receive a “mark” on the right hand or forehead. What you may not know is that Islamic prophecy mirrors Christian prophecy – in a frighteningly antithetical way. In other words, Islamic prophecy, which came more than 600 years after biblical prophecies, is almost completely the opposite of what the Bible teaches about the end times, the last days. Is this coincidence, or something much more significant?

My family and I had the pleasure of meeting Joel and spending some time with him when he came and lectured on the topic at my church, where I pastor. His research into the end times led him to the conclusion that Islam’s savior, their “Mahdi,” may be the one the Bible calls the Antichrist. Will you agree with everything in it? Probably not. The real question is this: “Could what we see happening with the rise of radical Islam be the fulfillment of biblical prophecy?” 

This book is a real page-turner, folks.

Traditional books on eschatology (the study of “end times” or the “last days”) are written from a very Western, Americanized, “cold war” point of view. Well-meaning folks have written many books and articles on the topic, often placing Russian and China at the epicenter of biblical prophecy. But do those views arise from a careful study of the Scriptures, or are they tainted by examining world events and then attempting to read those events into the biblical accounts of the end times?

You can get a copy of “The Islamic Antichrist” by clicking on the image to the left. And, you can learn more about Joel by visiting his web site, You can even invite him to come and speak at your church, which is what I did. I not only learned more about the Islamic End Times theory, but also came to appreciate Joel’s humility, sense of humor and heart for Jesus and Muslims. In these dark days, that combination is hard to find.

If you meet Joel, let him know I introduced you to him and his writings. It just may bring a smile to his face.

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