Sometimes it’s good and wise to turn the other cheek. Jesus commanded we do so in some key ways (Matthew 5:38-45). But there is one area of life where we can’t afford to turn the other cheek. We’ve put it off long enough. It’s robbing us of our joy, peace and success. It’s also robbing others because we’re putting it off. We can turn things around. We must. Not tomorrow, but today. Right now.

The one thing we can’t afford to keep putting off is leadership. You and I have looked away for long enough. We’ve done this in our families, our churches and this nation. We’re suffering because we’re not leading. We’re turning the other cheek on our problems – expecting someone else to step in, say something and make some changes. Instead, we should each be the change we want others to initiate. We’ve been looking away for so long that we’ve forgotten what leadership is.

What you and I need to do today is get on our knees, humble ourselves before God, and ask Him to help us turn our cheeks toward, now away from, the problems. A leader doesn’t look the other way. A real leader looks at the problems with humble courage – and takes action to be the agent of change.

Yes, leadership is hard. But you know what’s harder? Not leading.We will have problems in life whether we lead or shrink back. But the solutions that come from courageous leadership birth solutions that far surpass the turmoil that results from doing nothing and waiting for someone else to do what is within our power to change.

How have you been turning the other cheek – in the wrong direction? What problem(s) are you facing in your personal life, your family, your church and even this nation which might be resolved (or at least lessened) if you were to take responsibility and lead? What are you waiting for?

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