Last week, Janet and I were in Atlanta with our sons for private time with Dr. Ravi Zacharias. We have a profound respect for him and are exceedingly grateful for the time he took to be with us in the midst of his incredibly busy schedule. We wanted to spend time with him because we are modeling our lives and ministry around his integrity and intentionality. What’s amazing is that he wanted to spend time with us. He’s the kind of man I hope to be when I grow up. 🙂 I’ll blog about the deep impact of our time with him soon, but today I’m writing about something that’s very heavy on my heart: Why you cannot afford to not pray. 

“I don’t want a life that is humanly possible, do you? What I really want is a life that is only possible through the grace, mercy and power of God.”



This morning I awoke, while it would still be dark for many hours, with the overwhelming sense that I have so much to do that it cannot humanly be accomplished. Despair overwhelmed me and quickly morphed into overpowering insomnia. The blessing of a God-sized vision is the curse of human limitation. But the curse is also a blessing, because it’s what drives us to God. Until we are fully engaged in a God-sized vision, we will always default to reliance upon everything but God. This must grieve God’s heart – but it must grip our hearts as well – to the point of making some fundamental changes.

God’s work can’t be done in human power. How easily we deceive ourselves, put a Jesus “sticker” on things and say “Look what God did!” Not so fast. Life is fast, yes. But a life that’s filled with dependence upon God is not an accident – and if we’re not careful, we’ll miss it.

“. . . up until this point I’ve depended far too much on my own power to accomplish what can only be done in the power of God.”



This morning I was overtaken with the complexities of what needs to happen in order to accomplish everything on the spinning plates I seem to be juggling while walking a tight-rope. As the morning skies were still black, a ray of hope broke through the clouded weight of my worries: I really need God. This is a realization that cannot be fabricated. At the end of the day, I don’t want a life that is humanly possible. What I really want is a life that is only possible through the grace, mercy and power of God. What about you? Don’t you want that kind of life, the kind of life that is truly dependent upon Jesus Christ?

“Thus says the LORD: “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart turns away from the LORD.” – Jeremiah 17:5

Until we are out of our element, we’ll keep relying on our own strength. There’s nothing eternal, nothing epic, nothing God-honoring and nothing exhilerating about that kind of life. Boredom and distraction may be signs of losing dependence upon God.



I’m now at the point in life where things are happening so fast that I can’t afford not to pray. Don’t think I’m spiritual or godly because I wrote that. I’m not at all, and that’s the point. Another way to say it is that up until this point I’ve depended far too much on my own power to accomplish what can only be done in the power of God.

What is more important than prayer? And, what is prayer? When properly exercised, prayer is complete dependence upon, and intimacy with, God. What on earth is more important than these? If we are accomplishing things without enjoying God, without being genuinely dependent upon Him, then what on earth are we doing? 

The National Week of Repentance is here. Don’t miss it. Download your free resources at now, and get back to what it means to enjoy God and be dependent upon Jesus Christ. Your life and family – and our nation, are at a crossroads. Only genuine dependance upon God will get us through

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