This weekend would be a great time to reverse the likely trend in your life of working too much and praying too little. A new study shows that people who work 55 hours a week or more are 33% more likely to have a stroke, and a higher chance of heart disease. Research also shows that people who practice selfless prayer are more likely to experience more happiness, peace and an overall sense of well-being than those who don’t. In other words, many of us should work less and pray more. Now is a good time to make your change, before your health, and life, are compromised. 

“People who work from the early morning until well into the evening, and whose work intrudes into the weekend, tend to harm their health.”*

People who pray for others are physically more healthy, and are better able to handle financial stress.**

Emotional connectivity is escaping us these days – because we think life is about work. It’s not. Life is about life.”

You probably know that you need to work less and pray more. How can you succeed in making the changes that will improve just about every area of your life? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Make the Decision to Work Less. Have one day of the week where you disconnect from all “smart” and electronic devices – entirely. Including your phone. Take a sabbath, literally, from all electronic devices. Do this every single week. Read a book, go for a walk or a drive in the country. Go out for coffee or a meal with a friend. In the long run, doing too much will set you back, not get you ahead.
  2. Separate Your Work Environment From Your Home Environment. Too many of us take our work home, when our homes are meant for family, rest, rejuvenation. Make your work place your work place and your home the place where you enjoy meals, laugh, relax and emotionally connect with family. Emotional connectivity is escaping us these days – because we think life is about work. It’s not. Life is about life.
  3. Get Into the Good Habit of Selfless Praying – Daily. Learn how to implement the 7 Day Revolution in your life. And, don’t make most of your prayers focused on you. Focus on adoring God and praying for others. Research suggests that selfless praying comes back to you in great ways. In other words, you benefit when you do not focus on yourself.**
  4. Stop Running Sprints; Start Running a Marathon. Life is more akin to a marathon, not a series of sprints. Pace yourself in work and prayer. As a cancer survivor who burned many candles from both ends, simultaneously, I learned the hard way that doing too much in human power, apart from enjoying God and people, is a bad boomerang that will come back to hurt you. Retrain yourself. Start treating life as the marathon it really is.

Are you working too much and praying too little? If so, it’s time to make some changes. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did. 

*Study: How working too many hours negatively impacts health
**Study: How prayer can improve your health and life

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