Not all stars have big heads. There are many who have big hearts, and can teach us a lesson or two about walking with God. This is what I discovered during my recent interview with TobyMac (@officialtobymac) before a concert he performed at our church (@gfyork). You can listen to the interview here or on iTunes.

Here’s what I learned from my time with TobyMac that will encourage you to walk with God:

1. Don’t love the ministry, love Jesus. TobyMac seems to be genuinely humble, with a real private walk with God. He was honest with his struggles. His body language was just as earnest and sincere as his comments. He seemed to be a man who was genuinely interested in knowing Jesus Christ, not simply producing songs. The same can be true for each of us. Rather than being in love with our ministries or careers, we can be in love with Jesus, and keep our pursuit of Him the #1 passion of our lives.

2. One need not rest on the past to have a bright future. TobyMac had huge success with DC Talk – but his success nowadays seems to have grown exponentially. In other words, past success can be repeated. TobyMac obviously has a passion for Jesus Christ that has created ongoing momentum for Christ that is bearing much fruit. What success have you had in the past? Are your best days over? They need not be. If you are passionate about Jesus and pursue HIM, rather than “success,” you will have ongoing, true success. No one who pursues Jesus is a failure. Yes, we may fail at times, but our lives are resounding successes when we pursue Jesus.

3. To be real with people, be honest to God. The more success we have, the more dangerous it is to become phony. TobyMac is the real deal, and has obviously worked hard to be real with God. Being real with people should be natural – because we are honest with God. One of the primary traits of humility is honesty. If we’re not honest with God, then what are we?

Is your life honest to God? Do you struggle with being real with people?Give the interview a listen – and be encouraged.

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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