The simplest things in life are often the most powerful. There is something supernatural about spending time with God, distraction-free, during the first waking moments of your day, before doing anything else. Make a simple, but powerful commitment to do this for seven days in a row. Repeat the commitment on day eight and you will see for yourself that nothing else in life is more transforming. This simple change in your life will impact more than all the other endeavors of your life, combined . . . Don’t confuse simplicity with unimportance. The simple change of spending distraction-free time with God upon the first waking moments of your day – for seven days in a row – is the single most important thing you will ever do. It’s more important than a college education. It’s entirely possible to be a very well educated person and to live a very complex life where God is an afterthought, not the forethought, of everything.

In the end, everything is about God. Why not, then, make God the beginning? Why not put Him first since He is last? Start your day with God.

Distraction-free time with God upon your waking moments is more important than all the money and material possessions on the earth. There are many people who have heaps of money, wonderful homes and physical blessings, yet they are either miserable or missing out on the richest measure of life: a vibrant relationship with their Creator.

No, there is nothing this side of eternity more important or satisfying than an abiding, growing, dynamic relationship with God. Truth is, there is nothing on the other side of eternity more important or satisfying either. In the end, everything is about God. Why not, then, make God the beginning? Why not put Him first since He is last? Start your day with God.

If you’re not careful, the seconds of your life will tick away into wasted minutes. The minutes will become hours and the hours will add up to days. Those days will become weeks and the weeks will accumulate to months. The months will become years and the years, my friend, will become your life.

Do you or don’t you want to have the kind of walk with God that you really dream of? You can have it by simply focusing on it seven days at a time.

What about you? Do you think there is another decision more important than this? I’d love to hear how your life is changing by taking the simple, vital action step I’ve shared in this post. Let me hear from you! 

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