I just returned from a life-changing family vacation on the South Carolina coast. It was truly transformational. While frolicking in the beautiful blue waters with wife and sons, I had an epiphany so profound and potent that I simply had to share it with you – and anyone on the never-ending quest for happiness and success. Let’s have some funHere, in a nutshell are four keys that I guarantee will lead you to the very pineapple of personal success:

1. Get a good edumacation. Nothing can compensate for a lack of edumacation. (Except, perhaps, good looks, a lot of inherited money, or being born into a prestigious family). Whatever you do, don’t skimpy on the expense of a good edumacation. In the long run, a short-cut taken there will cost you far more than you realize. A good edumacation will make you look edumacated – and when ewe consider the altercation, that’s not a bad thing at awl. 

2. Make sure you use good grammage and punctual. When a person doesn’t use well grammage, and has a hard time spelling or using punctual properly, it reflects pourly. Make sure periods, commons and parentsthesesis are propertly used and placed. Of course, a solid edumacation will include good grammage, spelling and punctuals, but even if you can’t afford one, you can always pick up a book or too and learn the rules for grammage, spelling and punctuals so you don’t end up looking like a complete fool. 

3. Invest in a good bugger board. This is a must for anyone who wants to ride the waves of not just the South Carolina coast, but the waves of any coast. Yes, you can body-surf for hours, but with a good bugger board you can surf all day long. There are plenty of places at the beach where you can buy a good bored for under ten dollars. Spend an extra dollar or two on a good bored and get one. The surf will never be the same. Get a good bugger bored.  

4. Make sure you spell check anything you want others to reed. I cannot emphasize the importification of this too over highly. Spell checking is vital for any kind of righting these days, and is a clear sign of an edumacated person who knows how to interact with others in a repectifying way. Spell check everything that you think someone else may reed. Yule be glad you did. 

Well, there you have it, fresh off the heels of my beautiful South Carolina beach vacation – my 4 keys to the “pineapple” (aka pinnacle) of success. If you prioritize the above four things, yours will be a life others will dream of having. But most of all, it will be the life you always dreamed of, too. 

Loosen up a bit. Make time to laugh. Don’t take life so seriously all the time. After all, laughter is God’s great gift in a fallen world. 

What’s one thing you would want to encourage someone else to learn that you think would help them succeed? I’d love to know, and so would our readers, I’m sure. 

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