Remember Moses? God told Him to write things down. It’s a good thing he did. Likewise, when you are in your “secret closet,”don’t enter empty handed. Bring your Bible, the primary instrument through which the symphony of God will play – a journal and a pen. You need to recall what God says to you or He might as well not have spoken to you in the first place. After all, what good will it do to hear from God Almighty if after He speaks you don’t remember what He said?
If you’re serious about hearing from God, you’ll find or create a secret closet, and you will make it your ambition to meet with Him there, daily, over the next thirty days. During that time God will speak to you through His Word, the Bible. He will apply it to the circumstances of your heart, mind, soul and life. And, like Moses when He met with God, you will also be transformed.

Here’s a little secret about the relationship between memory, writing and life-change:

  • The things you write down are the things you remember;
  • The things you remember are what you can apply, and,
  • The things you apply are what will change your life.

Don’t confuse knowledge and education with commitment and application.There are many people who know about God, what He says and what is right and wrong. But the difference between an educated, knowledgable life and a transformed, empowered life is the application of God’s truth. Do you understand that the goal of all time spent with God is to enjoy Him, to become more like Him in character, and to become an increasingly influential person in shaping the world for His glory? This simply will not happen – and cannot happen – if you do not remember and apply what God is saying to you. Writing things down is vital to remembering and applying. 

We write out grocery lists, personal goals, reminders, phone messages and more. What about the words God speaks to us? Aren’t they worth recording? If you have a smart device, tablet or laptop with which you can record what God says to you through His Word as you soak Him up in your secret closet, I want to strongly suggest you leave them behind as you enter. The less temptations you have to do anything other than meet with God and give Him your undivided attention and affection, the higher the probability that you will hear from God. Go old-school and use a pen/pencil and paper.


Writing things down is a smart way to prioritize what God says. It is to ensure you don’t forget – so that you can apply. You will greatly increase the odds of your life being transformed if you don’t just hear from God, but also revisit what He said to you in the past.  The way you do this is to write down what He says. When you do, you will be able to continually revisit what He said to you. This is what will enable you to keep your walk with God fresh, vibrant and relevant from day to day. What God said to you in the past should be revisited day after day.

Imagine the treasure chest you will have in years to come as you faithfully write down the lessons God is teaching you. Your notebook(s) will become a vault of spiritual wealth from which you can draw upon, remember God’s faithfulness and press on. And, if you ever have children, your notebook(s) will become a spiritual heirloom that will enrich their lives, living long after you’ve breathed your last. Get into the habit of writing down the things God impresses upon you as you meet with Him in your secret closet.

When you enter your secret closet with your Bible, a journal and a pen or pencil, you’ll be armed for battle. Not against God, but for Him. He will wage war against everything within you that is resisting Him, and soon you will find it easier and easier to surrender to Him. You will begin to have the mind, heart and vision of God for your life. You will fight Him less, and love Him more. You will, as Romans 12:2 says “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

But you must write down what God is saying to you. As you do, over the course of the next thirty days, you will discover this simple, powerful truth for your life – and everything about you will begin to change: what you write down you remember, and what you remember you can apply. Nowhere is this more beneficial than in hearing, remembering and applying the Word of God for your everyday life.

Do it for thirty days. Repeat it when thirty days are over. The rest of your life will take care of itself. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts as we travel together. 

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