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Life of Christ #73: Your Best is About to Come

Ever thought God didn’t care for you? You’re about to have your world rocked in a way that could make everything that’s happened to you up to this point your warm-up act for God’s best. Pastor Mike is “on fire” for this message – and for good reason. Think you know Jesus? You’re about to understand the consequences of Him being your Prophet, Priest and King of Kings.

If you’re driving, pull over before you start listening. You may get blown away. (We warned you).

Life of Christ #72: You Really Are One in a Million

If you think God sees you as a worthless piece of junk, you will have tremendous difficulty loving and enjoying Him. Many of us believe this – even partially, and it’s creating unhelpful distance between us and our Maker. In fact, every choice you’ve made, are making, or are about to make is a direct reflection of what you believe about God – and what you think He believes about you. The truth is that you’re not junk. God didn’t make junk and Jesus wouldn’t die for junk. You are truly one in a million, of tremendous value to God. In fact, you’re one among millions and millions. You’ll discover what this means if you listen to this message in it’s entirety. Doing so will change your view of yourself, your view of God, and your enjoyment of Him. Everything about you will begin to change, for the best. Let God take the load off your back by setting you free.

This is a message worth listening to in it’s entirety, even if you need to break your listening up into segments – because listening to all of it will help you understand the tremendous difference between being “unworthy” before God, and being “worth” a great deal to Him. Listen to this special message that will help you love and enjoy God like never before. Why not share it with a friend, too? Chances are, you probably know at least one person who needs to know what God REALLY thinks about them. The truth about God will set them free, and you’ll be God’s vessel in the process. Now that’s freeing . .

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