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Life of Christ #71: How to Overcome 3 Big Traps in Life

There are three big obstacles you will face in life. You may be facing one or all three of them right now: temptation, forgiveness and a faith crisis. Any one of these can derail you, set you back, and put you on a very long road to recovery. In fact, some people never fully recover once they fall into one of these traps. But you can overcome each and every one of these if you apply what’s taught in this powerful message. Share it with a friend, too. Chances are, everyone needs to hear this.

Life of Christ #70: Life is Happening, Live It On Purpose

What’s the relationship between your present lifestyle and your lifestyle in the life to come? It’s more than you might realize. Life is happening – right now – and if you don’t live it on purpose, you might find yourself regretting it for a very long time. Live a life without regrets. Right now.

Life of Christ #69: The Missing 10 Letter Word

Spell this word and you’re almost there. Start living it and your capacity to enjoy the kind of relationship for which God created you will expand. Are you single, hoping to someday be married? Married, but in need of a marriage “tune-up”? Separated or divorced? Remarried? If you have a major relationship in your life, or are seeking one, this message will whet your appetite for how to improve it dramatically. It’s time to learn and live the simple ten letter word that will improve everything about you.

Life of Christ #68: Forcing Your Way On Jesus

Right now, you are in an epic drama. What role do you play, and why is your role so very important? This message will help you answer these questions, so you can enjoy God and live with purpose.

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