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Life of Christ #67: The Mother of All Myths

Believing a myth can cause tremendous embarrassment, difficulty, and stress. Have you set yourself up for hardship by embracing the “mother” of all myths? Avoid the myth, and walk in the light like never before.

Life of Christ #66: God’s Love Will Make You Run

All of us are runners. It’s a matter of whether we are running to or from God. More often than not, something is keeping us at arm’s length from God, and so we run from Him. Many of us have recreated God – or an aspect about God – that is entirely false and it’s hindering our enjoyment of Him deeply. If we really understood the love of God we would run to him. You’ll be motivated to run toward God, not away from Him, in this life-changing message.

Life of Christ #65: 211 Words That Will Change Your View of God, Others and Yourself

There’s hope for you – and for anyone. Your sin – no matter how bizarre, gross, serious or haunting, is no obstacle for God. Do you keep God at arms length, when God is not doing that to you? Many people have problems understanding the forgiveness, restoration and salvation that Jesus alone offers, but in this message, based on just 211 words from the Bible, you can embrace and enjoy the forgiveness, hope and encouragement that only Jesus can provide. It’s a message that’s not only good for you, but also for the people in your life. Share it, and set someone free.

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