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Do you love God? Is this the passionate pursuit of your life? What are the signs of real love for God? Since most of the lessons I’ve learned in life have been learned from personal failure, I’m going to share these out of my own failures, having learned the hard way, and by personal reflection. I hope these help you in your pursuit of loving God. I welcome your comments and feedback.

1. TRUE LOVE FOR GOD CAN’T BE SEPARATED FROM SURRENDER.True love for God is selfless, not selfish.It’s clear that Jesus went to Jerusalem to die, not live. He didn’t go there to feel good, but to obey His good Father. Likewise, you have to be careful you don’t confuse feeling good with surrendering to God. When Jesus went to Jerusalem, he didn’t have himself in mind. He had his Father, and you, in mind. The universal characteristic of love for God is summarized by one word: surrender.

2. TRUE LOVE FOR GOD CAN’T BE SEPARATED FROM A PASSIONATE PURSUIT OF GOD’S WILL. If you know God’s will, but won’t do it, you really aren’t struggling with God’s will. You’re struggling with loving God. It’s not possible to love God without loving God’s will. If you really love God, everything in your life will revolve not only around God – but around the fulfillment of God’s will through your life. Not by accident, but by deliberate intentionality. Think about this and let it sink in: it’s not possible to divorce love for God from love for the will of God.

3. TRUE LOVE FOR GOD HAS SIGNIFICANT CONSEQUENCES BEYOND YOUR OWN LIFE AND WORLD. Jesus’ love for the Father has ongoing ramifications far beyond his thirty plus years on earth. Likewise, when you truly pursue God, in love, the consequences will be bigger than your own life. You will only have a God-sized legacy in proportion to your pursuit of God, and His will, in love.

4. TRUE LOVE FOR GOD WILL COST YOU SOMETHING – AND PROVIDE FOR OTHERS. Jesus’ love for his Father cost him his own life. But John 10:18 tells us that no one took Jesus’ life – Jesus gave his own life, of his own accord. Jesus was so in love with his Father that he did not consider his own life above yours and mine. We are huge beneficiaries of Jesus’ love for his Father – and his love for us.

If Jesus was selfish, concerned about self preservation, his own comfort and convenience, you and I would be up the creek without a paddle. It’s always love that changes lives. True love for God, is selfless, potent and life-changing. You may not realize it now, but the decisions you make this week to love God (or not to love Him) may have much more far-reaching ramifications than you have realized to this point. Now that you have something to ponder, act upon it while you still have time. Be a person who loves God, who loves His will, and who takes the high road in a day when many don’t even know which road they’re on.

I’d love to hear your comments as we journey together . . .

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