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Life of Christ #23: Cowards, Mama’s Boys, and Doubters

Choosy? So is God. If you had something eternally significant to do, who would you choose to help? This was God’s predicament. In this message, you’ll probably have your doors blown off when you find out what God is looking for – and what He finds – when He wants to do something huge. You’ll also find that it most likely involves you.

Life of Christ #22: Nose Pickers and Nit Pickers

How intentional was Jesus in revealing His identity to those interested? More intentional than you may have ever understood. He wants you to know Who He is – so He can make you into who you should be.

Life of Christ #20: Follow The Leader

Bored? You don’t have to be! Where will Jesus take you when you really follow Him? If you follow The Leader, you’ll go where He goes, do what He does, and get what He gets. What can you expect?

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